My Lux Staycation Part One: Conrad Seoul

After a long hiatus, I have returned to the blogging sphere (like I was really there in the first place)…I told myself that, since I’m high-kneeing my way out of my 20s, I really need to get with the times. So, welcome..!

To cap off 2015 I had a two-week vacation over the Christmas/New Year holiday season. I had no real urge to get on an airplane (read: plan any kind of substantial trip) this winter, so I decided to do the next best thing: take a luxury staycation. Using money and loyalty points, I chose four top hotels in South Korea to hunker down in in order to escape my tiny apartment. If you follow my Instagram account, you will have seen some pictures already.

My first stop was the Conrad Seoul. I first stayed there during my birthday weekend this past year, and it was awesome: I felt like I was really valued there…I even wrote a TripAdvisor review singing the hotel’s praises! So, of course, I wanted to go back to see if this stay was just as good as my last, and I wasn’t disappointed.

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I was able to upgrade to the Executive Riverview room at a discounted rate when I checked-in, after which I was escorted up to the Executive Lounge to wait for my room to be ready. The staff there were just as personable as they were when I was there the first time, so no surprises there.

The room was great, of course, but then again so was the whole hotel: the Conrad as whole has a very modern yet welcoming feel to it, and the atmosphere isn’t sterile to me. The Conrad’s tagline is: “The luxury of being yourself” and, to be totally cliché, I really did feel like myself here. There was no expectation of snootiness and holier-than-thou attitudes. That’s the type of atmosphere I love.

Everything is bigger and airier here than you’d normally find in top hotels here in Seoul.  Case in point to the airy factor: I went to the Fitness Center this time around, and I was amazed at how big the space was! It did not lack of any machines, weights, treadmills or bikes; there was even a decently-sized aerobic/stretching space. The pool was also nice and huge (for a hotel), so I could do some good laps. The tiles were also heated and the chaises were nice and cozy. (Fabric) swimcaps were also required and provided, which was a nice, tiny touch.

The one negative I had was that I was only there for two nights. So, that should say something there. The Conrad Seoul: number one in my heart.

My sad, makeup-free face at the thought of having to leave…

Stay tuned for my thoughts and pictures of my second stop, the end-all-be-all of luxury hotels in Seoul: The Shilla.


Note: This was not a comped stay; I stayed here on my own dime and wrote this blog post for pleasure.

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