Let’s talk about (curly) hair.

Almost exactly a year ago, I had the worst hair cut of my entire life. There was a section in the middle of the back of my head that was damaged beyond belief, and really needed to be chopped off. The lady who did my hair saw it and offered assistance, and then two things proceeded to go wrong: 1) I didn’t make her straighten my hair first and cut it dry; and 2) not only did she cut it wet and curly, but she also cut the hair at the back of my head above the nape of my neck, and then proceeded to bob the rest at an extreme angle. With the horrible hair days I’d been having here in Korea, it made for an embarrassing look to me because imagine poofy/frizzy/curly hair in a crazy ass inverted bob. My other natural friends insisted that it didn’t look as bad as I thought, but even now I can barely look at pictures from back then.

Fast-forward six months later, with me back in Georgia with my hairdresser of 16(!) years, watching as she performed miracles. It was amazing: my hair felt lighter and healthier than it had since I moved to Seoul. And with her wisdom and recommendation, I’ve been able to finally manage my hair correctly in my second year here, despite the bad water, the pollution, and the overall dryness of the air.

If you don’t know, women with curly hair–and especially black women with natural hair–utilize the L.O.C. method to maintain healthy and moisturized hair. The L.O.C. method consists of three steps (after a regular wash/condition day): Leave-in conditioner, Oil, and Cream (for styling). It took me a while to really get my ass in gear, but I’ve finally created a L.O.C. method that’s been working well for me:

Wen Conditioner has been around since I was in high school. It been getting some controversy lately concerning hair loss, but I personally haven’t lost any hair in the years I’ve been using it, and I also don’t use that much that often; however, I’m not trying to ruin other folks’ hair, so use at your own risk and don’t shoot the messenger. This is my step.

Then there’s the Hair Hope Growth Oil. I haven’t been using it for that long, but it is AMAZING. It’s basically a combination of the best oils that can be used for natural hair (or really any kind of hair). I got the dry/itchy scalp formula, not because I have a dry scalp but because of the extra oils in the mixture (in the dry formula there are 5 total oils: castor, avocado, coconut, tea tree, and rosemary).

Last but not least I use the Surface brand’s Curls Smoothing Cream, scrunching my hair with my hands as I go: the cream helps not only with shine, but it also, as the name suggests, keeps my curls smooth and…well, curly.

No matter the texture of your hair, having a routine is important for maintaining healthy hair in the long run. How do you keep your locks looking awesome?



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