(A prelude to) Fashion Week

When this blog post goes live it will be March here. March in Korea means two things:

1) My birthday is coming up! I’m past the point where I should start lying about my age…totally kidding, I’m okay with turning asjdhkfa.

2) It’s the final stretch to Fashion Week here!

So in a couple of weeks I will be taking a 38-ish hour trip to Tokyo for both my birthday and to photograph Tokyo Fashion Week (and also to stock up on some Japanese beauty products), and then, after I return, Seoul Fashion Week will begin! But really, this post is just an excuse to post a few throwback pics from SFW Spring/Summer 2016 this past October.

4 thoughts on “(A prelude to) Fashion Week

  1. nice blog. I saw your blog on the chair during “kiok” fashion show today. You sat behind 🙂
    Hello from Seoul Fashion Week!
    Nice to meet you!

    Instagram: @obzizyaka

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