Paris Fashion Week: Issey Miyake

I’m a minimalist through and through: not only that, I’m a big fan of the colors black, grey, white, and camel (with some blue). My penchant for brighter color comes in accents, like scarves, handbags, and sometimes makeup. The Skincare Guru can’t stand that I have so many clothes in those four colors, but hey, that’s just my thing.

So I was surprised by how taken I was by the color palette in Issey Miyake’s show in Paris; look after show came down in a kaleidoscopic show of rich colors. Maybe it was the relaxed, yet structured flow of the looks themselves that kind of…”toned” down the looks for me to digest them well, but I really enjoyed it. The reds were just outstanding to look at, and I just wanted to reach through my computer screen and touch the fabrics.

What I really loved, though, was the makeup: this “bare-faced makeup” trend is rolling through Fashion Week, and I just love it. The random “blemishes” on the models’ faces surprised me though…but overall, I dug it.

If you haven’t seen this yet and want to enjoy the rest of the looks, go to The Cut to get your fill!


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