Seoul Fashion Week Day 5: Byungmun Seo

Any one who knows me knows that I love black. The vast majority of my wardrobe is made up of black pieces: my beloved Vince sweater coat, black pants and leggings, black t-shirts, black skirts. Sure, I believe in pops of color: my favorite thing to wear–even moreso than  my coat — is my pair of Doc Marten Pascals that are this weird mix of purple and pewter: I get rave reviews about them, they’re comfortable, they go with literally everything and The Skincare Guru can’t stand that I wear them all-year round. But, mostly, I like black.

So the Byungmun Seo show was right up my alley: a collection of blacks and greys: black bomber jackets, grey sweaters, dark-as-night dresses. The individual pieces looked so easy, so ready-to-wear…at least for me. I love asymmetry, almost as much as I love black, and this show had it in spades, giving the pieces more edge. There were even hooded sweatshirts I would’ve worn, and that’s saying something. The styling of the models was easy and minimal (from where I sat) so that they wouldn’t shift attention away from the clothes: I could give my undivided attention to the details, which made me appreciate the whole show more.The atmosphere of the show was also very too-cool-for-school, which I dug.

Overall, really good show. Makes me want to purge my closet so that I can put more of these pieces in them.

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