Seoul Fashion Week Day 6: r.shemiste

The r.shemiste show began at 10AM, so when I arrived at 9:40 I was probably only 75% awake. I knew that I had a long day ahead of me, and while I was excited by it, I also kind of dreaded it.

The r.shemiste show woke me up, though.

To start: the collection, according to the designers, was inspired by Emma Goldman, a 19th century anarchist who fought communism in Russia through her art and voice. In drawing inspiration from her, the collection was to invoke freedom of expression, and a tough femininity. In a way, r.shemiste did that in streetwear form.

The pieces ranged from way-off-the-should trench-style jacket dresses (which I really liked) to super-oversized, sleeves-way-too-long zip hoodies to casual midi-length dresses layered over oversized shirts. Almost everything was baggy, and every piece was accessorized with clunky black sneakers. Makeup and hair were simple and easy, with a cap here or there, and the models gave off a tough vibe that was echoed in the pieces they wore. The music, like Kiok Kang’s show, was primarily hip-hop, with the focal song being that new Baauer track with G-Dragon and M.I.A. which I didn’t really care for when I heard it the first time.

Of the six people I’ve talked to about the show, 5 of them really didn’t like any of the pieces: one of those people went to the actual show with me, and the others were…well, my parents and aunts, who just glimpsed my video of the final runway. I understand where they’re coming from: there’s a way to invoke freedom of expression and art without going too crazy, and I feel that some of the pieces got a bit out of control. However, I liked the overall feel of the show, and that’s enough to make me tune in to future collections.


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