Seoul Fashion Week Day 6: Yohanix

If there was one fashion show out of the five I saw that changed my perspective on the future of Korean fashion, especially in regards to its relationship to fashion in the western world, it was the Yohanix show.

I’m not sure what I expected when the lights dimmed, but it paled in comparison to what actually happened. Everything about the the show was on point, from the makeup to the hair to the pieces. Each of the pieces had a detail that I caught in editing my photos that I didn’t catch when I first watched: the stitching, jeweled adornments, etc.

And if I wasn’t convinced that I needed to see these clothes in real life, then the models sold me on them. All of the models, men and women, wore blood red lipstick that they smeared across their mouths as soon as they stepped into view: this appeared to be an homage to The Dark Knight’s Joker, a character that is still incredibly popular here to this day. The models’ walks with punishing and strong with conviction, their steely eyes looking straight ahead of them.

This was all set to heavy, dramatic music that swelled and subsided in conjunction with whatever pieces were being shown: when the statement pieces emerged, the music was almost overwhelming. We as an audience were taken on a roller coaster ride of sorts: super thrilling in the middle, and bringing us back down to Earth at the end.

It’s safe to say that this was my favorite show to watch and experience, and–along with Byungmun Seo–the only show where I wanted to wear every single piece I saw. It also didn’t help that Yohan Kim, the designer, was also really nice.


What a way to close out Seoul Fashion Week.

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