Lux Bars: Bar Boccalino, Four Seasons Seoul

After the Byungmun Seo show a couple of Fridays ago, my blogger friend Star (also of YouTube fame) and I decided to go out and get drinks. After asking for my recommendation, I said, “Well, the Four Seasons has a guest bartender from San Francisco tonight.”

So we hopped on the subway and took the three stops to Gwanghwamun, and walked two minutes to the relatively-new Four Seasons Hotel. The concierge there was more than happy to escort us there, but…

“Sorry,” she said sincerely, “The bar is fully booked. But there’s another bar upstairs that’s just as nice, if you’re interested.” Of course, we were, so she escorted us to the elevators and, after a little friendly small talk, sent us on our way.


Bar Boccalino harkens back to the times of speakeasys, with the spacious leather booths, smooth wooden floors and marble tables. However, it is distinctly modern, from the installations to the accented decorations. We were greeted immediately upon arrival, and escorted to a two-top where we perused the menu.

While Star got a Bellini that she substituted with cranberry juice, I got the Milan Spritz which was highly recommended by our server. She chose right, too: my drink was delicious.


Bar Boccalino was a nice (and expensive) way to cap off day 5 of Seoul Fashion Week, and it actually made me excited about the possibility of staying in the hotel itself: if I came to a bar and got this kind of service, then I can only imagine what the service would be like if I were an actual guest there. So, far, I have a good first impression of the Four Seasons.


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