The Four Seasons Seoul: Stay

So twenty-five minutes after I left work my taxi arrived at the Four Seasons and walked into…sleekness. I’d been to the hotel before (during Fashion Week), but not during the day, and the light made me appreciate the dark marble and wood accents even more. I checked in online the day before, so instead of having to wait for the bigger groups to finish up at the reception desk, I went straight to Concierge where they had my room key and the papers I needed to sign. I splurged for a Club Room for the extra amenities it provided, the most important being Executive Lounge access (yay) and a 10% discount on all spa services (helpful for the experience that I will talk about later). I was given a room on the 29th floor, which is the highest you can go in this hotel, and man, was this room pretty.


One thing you all need to know is that the hotel boasts about having some of the most spacious hotel rooms in all of Seoul, and despite the square footage listed on the site, it wasn’t kidding: the room was beautifully open, which was aided by the sliding divider that, if you chose to, could separate the bedroom from the bathroom. The closets (yes, with an “s”) lined the entryway, allowing for more space in the actual room. Oh, and the view wasn’t too bad.

So I was roaming around my digs for the Golden weekend, taking pictures and such, and it occurred to me that something was missing…I looked around a bit more, and realized exactly what it was.

My room did not have a bathtub.

IMG_2608…WHAT? No bathtub?!?! I was shocked, to say the least, if only for the fact that this was the first executive level room I stayed in in Korea that did not have a tub! (Actually, every hotel room from my winter Lux Staycation extravaganza had a tub, so…) The shower was huge though. Naturally, I called the front desk to inquire, and the gentleman confirmed that, yes, not all of the Club Rooms have a tub, which he apologized profusely for. So, note to any future visitors to the hotel: if you want to stay in this room, specifically request a room with a bathtub. I’m usually not this person, but considering that I lived in a tiny space that had absolutely NO room for a tub…I kind of wanted a tub. The front desk member called me back within five minutes, having found a Club Room with a tub that was right across the hall from the room I was in; “We just need to do an inspection of the room,” he assured me. Cool. I let them know that I was going up to the Executive Lounge to gorge myself and get drunk on partake in the happy hour, and the front desk immediately said that they’d move all of my luggage once the room was ready. Sweet!

Then I made my way down the one floor to the executive lounge, where I was very obviously expected, because the first words out of the associate’s mouth were, “Welcome, Ms. SeoulChild!” Oh. Okay. Hi. She allowed me to sit anywhere I liked — I was the only guest in the lounge at the time, so showing me to a table made no sense — and then proceeded to show me the layout of the food and drinks. Thirty minutes, two glasses of wine, and a bunch of tasty treats later, she returned with my new room keys.

After a while I went back upstairs to my new room, which had the exact same layout (except for the different view and, of course, the tub and smaller shower). The business desk had a technology hub with an HDMI cable where I could connect my computer with the TV, which came in handy when there was absolutely nothing to watch on cable. The hidden drawers of the desk also had a caddy chock-full of supplies from paper clips to post-it notes. The big hotel book that usually has information ranging from the restaurants to room service to activities to do in the city was divided into three cute little books, like the kind you’d find in a visitors’ center. The room also had a iPad that listed all of that info as well.

IMG_2615My three nights at the hotel were heavenly, really. This was my first time staying at a Four Seasons hotel of any kind, so while the brand’s reputation preceded it I still didn’t quite know what to expect. The few things I asked for were very much accommodated: I drank all four bottles of complimentary water the first 24 hours, so while I went to happy hour on the second night, I called down and requested more water to put in the room when they cleaned. Not only did they give me six bottles (well, damn!), I also got drinking ice, some scones and some cookies! Honestly, I did not want to leave.

I think that, as of right now, the Four Seasons Hotel is the top business hotel right now, and not only because of the accommodations and amenities, but also because of the location. It’s right down the street from Gyeongbokgung (the Grand Palace), and so much closer to places like Myeongdong than both the Shilla and the Conrad. Despite being the new kid in town, the Four Seasons came right in as if it belonged. Boy, does it belong!

Now, all I need is for The Skincare Guru to get her butt over here so that I can stay here again! LOL.


Note: This was not a comped stay; I stayed here on my own dime and wrote this blog post for pleasure.

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