Seoul Fashion Week, Day 2: Kiok

On Tuesday night I went to my first show at Dongdaemun Design Plaza: that of Kiok Studios, which has bases in both New York and here in Seoul. I walked in about 15 minutes early, and the place was already a madhouse (for me: this was my first fashion show, so I didn’t know what to expect). After a few minutes of mindless wandering, I finally found my seat. No, really, I found my seat.


It made me feel super…important, or something.

The show itself pulled from both of its geographical bases: what came from New York (or the States, rather) were the attitude and the thumping music from the likes of Rihanna and Angel Haze. The show popped off with a dance troupe, led by Jonte Moaning, stomping and vogueing the hell out of all of us. It really was a highlight, and it set a powerful tone.


Then the show started. The collection was made up of a mostly neutral palette with pops of color, plaid, and hearts: many of the models donned single fuzzy earrings, which rested on their shoulders like a small pet. The vibes of the pieces were relaxed and almost slouchy, even if an errant cropped corset top or high-neck collar popped up; the collection dipped its big toe into the tryhard water but didn’t jump all the way in, and in that way the collection retained the cool street look in my eyes. What I really liked was that none of the models were standard “Korean” pretty: one model had a blonde buzz cut, and she served her outfit on a platter every single time she stepped on the runway; another model (in the video below) had this beautifully slender, yet strong face and a haircut like Freja Beha. In a country where beauty trends are uniform across the board, almost every model had a unique characteristic, which I loved.


I didn’t take my DSLR because I didn’t want to carry it around when I wasn’t going to take any street style pics, but in hindsight I wish I did: my iPhone photos didn’t do the show much justice. However, I did compile a simple project of the looks that I did take videos of! What a cool first show for me!


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