Seoul Fashion Week S/S17 – Wednesday

Last week, the Spring/Summer 2017 season of Seoul Fashion Week kicked off with bang that included model-laden music festivals and more. However, because my job has been taking over my life, there is only so much energy I could devote to Fashion Week this season…but I tried to make it work.

Wednesday somehow managed to be both the lightest but most hectic schedule of the week: it was the lightest because I was only going one show (which featured two design teams), but it was the most hectic because I had to leave straight from work, make myself up, and fight the subway delays to make it to the show on time.

I managed to meet my friend Star Lengas (of 87pages fame) just in time to get lost finding the venue — it was in Generation Next Hall, which is a little bit of a walk away from the two main Art Halls — but we managed to take our seats just minutes before the lights dimmed.


Heegui revealed their collection first, presenting a mixture of structured outerwear to soft tops and dresses. I’m a fan of loose-fitting tops and trench coats, so I enjoyed it, of course. Some of my favorite looks are below:


Joseph Ahn

Joseph Ahn’s collection was totally different from Heegui’s; his pieces were centered on deconstructed denim, over-sized jackets, straitjacket-like outerwear and beautiful silky pieces with accentuated by tendrils of fabric. I was surprised to find that I quite loved the aesthetic of it all, that juxtaposition between the tailored and the deconstructed. I could see myself in clothes like these, and if I had a lot less hip I’d totally rock the high-waisted pants…


Note: The tickets to this show were sponsored, but all opinions and pictures are my own.


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