Seoul Fashion Week S/S17 – Friday

When Star Lengas and I stepped onto the grounds for Day 4 of Seoul Fashion Week, I didn’t feel as rushed and stressed out as I was on Wednesday. It was actually a pretty relaxed time: we took some pictures, ate a bunch of chocolates in Hera’s VIP lounge, and generally had a pretty good time. For the most part I spent time guilt-tripping Star into not going to Saturday’s events — she had other commitments — but she’s not one to be easily persuaded, so what could I do but live my life? In all seriousness, though, it was a good time, and I got to see a few shows that day, so it was cool.


Note: I received sponsored tickets to these shows, but the following opinions and pictures are my own.


I love menswear, and I love loose, flowy, a-step-up-from-casual menswear even more. The effortlessness of these pieces were to be admired: the design aesthetic was clearly there, but not overwrought. I could definitely see my boyfriend in clothes like these!


When the first model came out with a strip of black tape on her forehead, I just knew that the Alogon was going to get weird. I like weird, though, so that wasn’t a problem.

But in reality, the collection wasn’t weird at all, but incredibly strong.  It had elements of bondage (coats and dresses belted multiple times with either belts or police tape, as the theme was “Danger: Keep Out”) as well as military and industrial feels (from the ever-present army green to the grommets that littered certain pieces). One of my favorites was a red, moto jacket that was almost reminiscent of “Thriller”: I just wanted to reach out and take it off the model and promptly have to give it back since it wouldn’t fit me. I could definitely see myself wearing several pieces from this collection in the spring!


Because I was so taken with BMuet(te)’s (formerly known as Byungmun Seo) last collection, I had high expectations for this season…and I wasn’t disappointed. Neutrals, asymmetrical hems, loose and silky dresses, and mesh were the names of the game, and I was totally down for it. I’m not the biggest fan of white clothing because I tend to stain it as soon as I step outside, but I wanted to take several of these super-white pieces home with me. Surprisingly, my absolute favorite piece was this dusky pink multi-layered dress that just moved when the model walked (picture #22); a week later, and I still have dreams about that dress.  But, of course, that is the power of BMuet(te).

I also wanted to break out my crazy awesome coat I purchased at the last Spring sample sale, but it was just too hot. Maybe in March, huh?

Surreal But Nice

I had been looking forward to this show, especially when I saw that it was Disney inspired. Well, the collection came out as more pre-princess heroine (think of Belle before she met the Beast, or pre-Fairy Godmother Cinderella) with frayed hems and seasonal textiles; however, the atmosphere of the show, from the symphonic soundtrack to the fog-effected lighting, pulled the whole thing together.


I have one more post about Fashion Week (Saturday!!) coming up, so stay tuned!!




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