Seoul Fashion Week S/S17 – Saturday

Saturday was the culmination of all of Seoul Fashion Week, and frankly, I was quite ready for it to be over. This season was unexpectedly stressful for me, what with running between the job and the venue and being at odds as to what to wear (the temperature jumped around faster than a Mexican jumping bean). After much deliberation I had to change parts of my outfit at the last minute — it was just too hot — and I just wasn’t satisfied with the result which is a vast understatement. Still, I was able to meet some style inspirations such as Junior, who I posed with for a lot of his few shots (@housedelasoulful), Mina (@kinky_curly_slay) and Sphinx (@fashionneedsjesus), so of course it wasn’t a total loss; we also started an insane dance party on the Design Plaza grounds, which was pretty sweet as well.



So, without further ado, here is a recap of my time on the last day of Seoul Fashion Week S/S17!

Note: I received complimentary tickets to the shows in exchange for my reviews and pictures; however, all opinions are my own.



Dohn Hahn brought a darker Spring/Summer collection to Fashion Week with the “Oriental Nights” theme. As the models stomped down the runway, the more “demure” all-black looks gradually transformed into more flamboyant pieces that just oozed rich colors, with shirts and accessories emblazoned with the quote “Sorrow is Over” peppering the runway. As someone who is not the biggest fan of prints (on principle), I did love Dohn Hahn’s print mixing, and it only accentuated the funkiness of his collection as a whole.


A.AV actually showed one of my favorite collections in all of Fashion Week, but the location of my seat made it a little difficult to get great photos. However, I did manage to get enough shots to adequately capture the distinct Spring/Summer vibe of the collection ( I mean, there were speedos involved, for goodness sake and no, I didn’t get a good photo of them). There was an off-white cardigan that I wanted to rip off the model (pic #7), but the highlight of the show for me was this particular male model with shoulder-length hair and a full beard who just absolutely owned the runway; he wore his look and the clothes like a dream.

Lux Event:

Wine N’ Busker @ JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul


Both between and after the shows, I was able to walk the five minutes to the nearby JW Marriott in Dongdaemun Square in order to partake in some wine-tasting. The JW Marriott holds events in conjunction with Seoul Fashion Week every season, and the Wine N’ Busker event was yet another one of these events. For 20,000 won (est. $18 USD), you received a wristband and a wine glass, and you could taste as many wines as you wanted for as long as you wanted (the event lasted about 5-8 hours each day, and for 3 days total). You could also order small plates that ranged from $8-11 dollars extra.

As the sun and temperature descended, the event reached its peak with a “busking” performance from popular Korean rapper San-E. As I’d seen San-E before, I focused less on him and more on talking with fellow attendees. Of course, there was also the food: Matthew, the hotel’s general manager, was doing a test run that involved delivering high-quality, lower-cost meals to guests from nearby food establishments, and the burgers and milkshakes we received as a result were quite delicious.

All in all, it was a fantastic event, and I felt sorry that I didn’t go to any JW Marriott/SFW events before then.




So that concludes another season of Seoul Fashion Week! I’m more of a Fall/Winter girl, so I’m already preparing myself for March, but I’ll still be around and posting regularly on the blog between now and then (duh). Now that the SFW coverage is over, I’ll finally be able to share my fun shopping adventure this week, so stay tuned!


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